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This interactive documentary is produced by our non-profit association, Womanhood. To fund our project we organized a crowdfunding campaign. More than 320 people participated and are, in this way, also part of our team. We owe our independence to their trust and support.

This adventure is carried out by Florie Bavard (film director & co-producer), Benjamin Daugeron (co-producer) and a transnational team. Our project is a Mediterranean initiative at a global scale: partly French, partly Egyptian, all live between Paris, Cairo, Istanbul, Marseille, Lisbon, Addis Ababa and Buenos Aires. Womanhood -and Skype- went borderless.

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عن المشروع

هذا الفيلم التسجيلي التفاعلي من إنتاج مؤسستنا الغير هادفة للربح. عشان نموّل مشروع زي ده، عملنا حملة تمويل جماعي. أكثر من ٣٢٠ شخص شاركوا بتبرعات وعشان كده هما جزء من الفريق. استقلالنا كان بفضل ثقتهم ودعمهم.

شارك في هذه المغامرة فلوري باڤار (مخرجة ومنتجة) وبينجامين دوغرون (منتج) وفريق عالمي. هذا المشروع متوسطي على نطاق واسع: فريقنا فرنسي ومصري، يعيشون بين باريس والقاهرة واسطنبول وبوينوس أيريس ولشبونة وأديس أبابا. السكايب يتحدى الحدود.

تعرف أكثر على فريقنا

about us

Mohamed Abdel Salamtranslator (AR)

The 30 year-old Cairene describes himself as a promoter and advocate of diversity, multiculturalism, peace, coexistence, libertarianism, personal freedoms, LGBTQ and women's rights.
Mohamed studied Mass Communication and worked for a prominent and a leading newspaper that served as the mouthpiece of the opposition during Mubarak Era. He also contributed to an English speaking news website with daily reports on Egypt. Mohamed edits is own blog: a blog hat serves as a monitoring platform of news and incidents related to personal freedoms in the Middle East and Islamic Countries. He currently works as a researcher at the Center for Arab –West Understanding and as a freelance translator. He has contributed to the translation of reports related to LGBTQ rights.
In his daily life, Mohamed is fond of foreign languages and music.

Ahmed Abuzaideditorial assistant

Having lived in a few countries, Ahmed doesn't feel bound to one nation as a home. Which in turn led him to pursue work as a furniture designer. Trying to make permanent objects for people who do have a home. He's also obsessed with telling stories and telling them well.
His background is in media and writing, the reason he's a self-professed language know-it-all. And isn't shy about it.

Hiba Abdel-Majidtranslator (AR)

with the support of

Clara Attal Marlène Alguevache Valeria Aruffo Evelyne Amblard Sophie Aziz Nilüfer Ataç Alban Alfonsi Valerie Arif Stéphanie Allisy Diane Auxoux Mireille Abat Nabil Ait Akkache Ceren Aral Anlam Arslanoglu Celine Abel Félix Alvarez


Florie Bavardfilm director and co-producer

Born in Marseille, raised between Cairo, Atlanta and the southern village of Bouc-Bel-Air, Florie Bavard is the film director and co-producer of Womanhood. She moved to Paris in 2007 to study Liberal Arts & Humanities in Hypokhâgne/Khâgne.
Former student of the INALCO (Paris), literature Graduate from the Sorbonne (Paris), Florie Bavard did her anthropology Master's at the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris), under the guidance of Jocelyne Dakhlia. During this master's degree she centered her dissertation on women’s autobiographical writings - memoirs and blogs - in Egypt from 1889 to 2012. For this research she interviewed Egyptian bloggers and writers in Cairo between 2012 and 2013. Florie Bavard presented chapters of this work in 2014 at the University of Freiburg for the conference "Femmes et Islams" / "Women and Islams" organized by Diletta Guidi (EPHE-GSRL), François Gauthier (University of Freiburg) and Carlotta Gracci (GSRL).
Since, she has turned towards Visual Anthropology as a new way to question the subject of Gender: this is her first venture into the interactive documentary medium.
She started shooting this project in Cairo in 2015, supported and hosted by her amazing "Cairo family": they helped make this project what it is. This same collective spirit has shaped the post-production adventure - making her think that if she does have one sure skill, it’s that of choosing incredible (and talented) friends.-

Marine Benayounpress relations

Marine Benayoun is a Paris based French Journalist, who worked for the big prime time TV Show Le Grand Journal de Canal + for five years, as a reporter and an interviewer. She is now in charge - as programmer for La Nouvelle Edition de Daphné Burki - of organizing the line-up for the daily news show.
She is responsible for PR in this project and has been in charge of working with medias during the successful crowdfunding campaign: France Inter, Radio Nova, Clique, Madame Figaro or Glamour.

Manon Bernardeditorial assistant

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in media and cultural studies, Manon Bernard is as passionate about art and culture as she is interested in their more social aspects.
Working on various projects which mixed these perspectives progressively drew her to a career in the artistic direction field.
She is co founder and co organiser of BLACKLIST, a series of documentary screenings followed by panel sessions with experts, inviting audiences to debate, discuss and generally encouraging people to engage.
These events take place in Berlin, where she has been living for the past 3 years

Anaïs Bourdetart director

Anaïs Bourdet is a French Art Director from Marseille, Graphic Designer and founder of Paye ta Shnek. She works as a freelancer in the fields of branding, editorial design, and packaging. She also teaches typography and visual communication at ECV, Visual Communication School in Aix en Provence. Since 2012 she provides expertise on mobilizing the public opinion on subjects of common interest, mainly in the scope of women’s rights. With Paye ta Shnek she denounces street harassment by collecting and publishing the testimonies of more than 13 thousand women who were harassed in the streets of France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. She now hosts a feminist community of more than community of more than 200K followers, who are mobilized online regularly to denounce the discriminations towards women including racism, homophobia, transphobia and islamophobia. She believes in a feminism that excludes nobody, and in the convergence of different struggles to push back against all types of systemic oppression.

Elvire Bourgeoiscolor grading

Elvire Bourgeois is a French director of photography. She first explored the photographic medium through snapshots and portrait work. After moving to Paris, she spent several years working as a focus puller with well-known cinematographers in both film and television. She now works as a director of photography, shooting with artistically driven directors. She is also currently involved in initiatives centered on women and minority rights. She continues to search for different modes and meanings within cinematography and light not only through film, but also in theatre, dance, music projects, and in collaboration with visual artists. She joined the amazing crew of “Womanhood” as a colorist.
Selected Works: www.elvirebourgeois.com

Asmaa Blaltranslator (AR)

with the support of

Camille Bouaziz Guillaume Le Bihan Cyril Blanc Caroline Bertauld Julie Bouvier Gregoire Bernardi Valentine Bolcato Mohamed Bakhtaoui Vittoria Becci Ashraf Badawi Chloé Buron Akila Bouras Justine Bisio Clara Basso Marie Anna Benard Matteo Carrega Bertolini Michèle Belhassen Virginia Belhadj Josepha Bougnon Clémence Bretécher Nazli Balkaya Mireille Boulay Eléonore de Bellabre Fabrice Baicheres Sercan Bekar Quentin Berthelot Beatrice Bernard Eyal Benazera Manon Bernard Emilie Bonnaire Thomas Benayoun Frederique Benazera Julien Barbier Sarah Bennani David Bavard Franck Bavard Sylvie Benayoun Laurie Boutier Will Bibby Georges Bonfils Astride de Bérail Felix Boiteux

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Valentin Carrillo Alexandra Chery Lola Cier Tristan Crouzet Adrien Cantenot Floriane Comméléran Agnès Charlemagne Thomas Chaudron Amelie Casenave Jonathan Clément Antoine Chatenet Pierre Chaudoy Sarah Carrière-Chardon Benoit Le Corre Hugo Cavadini Frédérick Carrera Claire Couzi Solène Cirodde Tatiana Carret Margaux Chouraqui Hélène Collemiche Pierre-Emmanuel Chambraud Damien Cabrespines Melanie Cerrillo Hervé De Certeau Osanne Le Cavorsin Chloé Chambraud Léo Cusseau Thomas Cordin


Tiénot Dagroncrowdfunding consultant

Tiénot is a 27 year old French social entrepreneur who co-founded a start-up specialized in crowdfunding and fundraising consultancy. In August 2016 he joined the Wānanga Trek to get involved in local youth initiatives on the frontline of climate change, from the Pacific islands to the Himalayan mountains. This travel allowed him to meet many young change makers and and use his skills as a crowdfunding consultant internationally and co-launch several new projects. He is soon coming back to France to start his Phd, he still helps social, cultural and environmental local projects to gather funds: feel free to contact him!

Benjamin Daugeronco-producer

Benjamin Daugeron is a production manager and a general stage manager.
Before working in cultural and entertainment productions, he honed his skills with French NGOs, working in 2010 as a project manager for a student humanitarian organisation and in 2012 as a fundraiser for ADSEA 93, an organisation fighting domestic violence.
In 2015, after a year spent in Italy learning the language and absorbing the culture, he moved back to Paris with a clear focus to engage in artistic and cultural projects. He worked in production and stage management for concerts and theatre productions at some of the most prestigious Parisian venues including Le Trianon, Le Nouveau Casino and Les Folies Bergères.
In January 2016, along with Florie Bavard, he became the co-producer of "Womanhood, an Egyptian Kaleidoscope", an interactive documentary on gender in Egypt.
Benjamin now advises and works as a consultant for artistic and cultural productions, with a focus on human rights, gender and sexual minorities. He is also a regular contributor to the Jungle Juice Revue.

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Lorette Datin Elodie Dessors Paul Dumayet Florentin Drugeon Inès Dupon-Lahitte Juliette Dubois Antonin Dahoui Aurore David Léa Dubuquoy Aurélie Daugeron Adrien Debbah Anne Derennes Tiénot Dagron Paola Dall'Olio Alice Degorce-Kaboré Leila Daaza Aurore Decroix Valentin Dhauthuille Matilda Diez Julian Diez Laura Daniel

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Patrice Enjalbert Chloe Vander Elst

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Mireille Feyzeau Rémi Favier Carole Fitoussi Aurélie Franco Alexandre Farmouza Antoine Favre Sharif Fanselow Nicolas Foussard Cécile Foy Laura Federico David Fletcher Alexandre Field Lise Fourdrignier


Lamia Goudasubtitler (FR)

Lamia Gouda is an actress, translator, researcher and video editor. In 2012, she produced her own satirical video CV (El Lahlouba), a brave marketing and artistic experiment, questioning the idea of career and consumerism. Member of the International Association of Conference Translators (AITC), she is also a world-renowned translator, working for the UN, AU, among others. She is also a core artist and researcher at HaRaKa; Egypt's performance and dance research platform. Her latest research was presented at world-renowned theatres including Hebbel Am Ufer (Berlin) and New York Live Arts (NYC) as part part of the 2065BC project revisiting colonialist histories. She lives and works in Cairo.

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Maud Guyot Lucile Grandou Camille Charvet Glissant Léo Garson Camille Gagnie Florent Groc Helene Garson Anne-Sophie Gacoin Clara Gosselin Marie Gabet Laura-Jane Gautier Deniz Galip Corinne Gazeau Pinar Galip Romano Golda Marine Gaudre Bettina Gajac Alexandra Garson Vincent Garson Maxime Gazeau Laurence Garson Bernard Garson Diletta Guidi Nadine Garson Jonathan Grosskopf


Jonathan Hemmensound mixer

Antoine Hodagensound mixer

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Anaïs Huchard Joseph Halim Julia Hernandez Claudia Hoballah Michèle Hassoun Alix Heuer Banine Bavard Hoballah Tarek Abdel Al Mohamed Hassan

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Misha Ilyin

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Seb Jenner Emmanuel Jouai Alice Joulot Alma Jodorowsky Daniele Jean Martin Joubert Caroline Jacquemin

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Valentin Kopf Yonathan Kellerman Clémentine Kabache Erhan Kilic Alma Khasawnih Allia Tarraf Koujock Françoise Kopf Inès Kapp


Aloyse Leledyfilm editor

Aloyse Leledy, cineaste. A graduate from Fine Art school, her work conjugates her background in the visual arts with her experience in cinema to explore the ways in which films dialogue with reality. She regards form as a language meant to both signify the world and perform a critical glance, and favors a subjective approach to political, social and philosophical issues. She works as filmmaker, director of photography and editor for documentaries, shorts and art films. She is also involved with performing artists with whom she pursues ongoing research in innovating and experimental film forms.
Eager to give a voice to minorities and invisible minorities — as exemplified in the portraits she filmed for Today Is March 8th (2017), a project with musician and performer Gerald Kurdian— she strives to bring forth new narratives within the documentary form.

Camille Léonardweb designer

Camille Léonard is a French web designer who spent eight years in Paris working in advertising and industrial technology for various design companies. He is currently working from Lisbon, mainly on user interface designs, but he also enjoys creating digital experiences. Collaborating with different kind of professions - in order to obtain the types of results that you can see in Womanhood, Egyptian Kaleidoscope - is something that he likes first and foremost. Understanding the needs, and the differences, of every field of exploration is one of his main goals in his work. You will find his work here: www.camille-leonard.com

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Hanna Ladoul Céline Lott Thev Létoile Joanna Levy Carine Lequeux Natalie Lobus Lily Lambert Corinne Labourier-Plumecocq Edouard Lafaysse Robin Larzat


Laurène Moursieditorial assistant

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Sara Duana Meyer Marie Masi David Maurel Juliette Moriceau Vania Marangozova Mireille Moutel Luce Mathieu Mathilde Mouquet Johan Mossé Helene Millard Jeanne Mingant Celine Mastorakis Simone Marinelli Eli Meur Delphine Monnard Martine Moriniere Ora Margez Valentine Mabille Sophie Grand Mourcel Nina Maruani

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Ramy Naas Noémie Nicolas Chantal Nelson Marie-Paule Nakache

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Melanie Ordines Paul Ormières Gabriel Oxford


Patrice Perceval Pellierdeveloper

Graphic-designer-developer, Patrice Perceval Pellier is based in Paris. His experience in publishing houses has been combined with his studies in engineering. He enjoys projects that put together those different types of knowledge. His sensitive side has led him to collaborate on such projects as the Romantic Movie Festival of Cabourg, while his curiosity has led him to work on an Oulipo-based project, translating French words into rebus. It's these last interests that continue to shape his current situation: graphic designer to stock gold, developper for the fame.

Léonie Pernetmusic composer

Léonie Pernet is a musician and composer, making Paris dance since 2010 with her queer parties, Corps VS Machine, where she and her gang have been making Paris burn with loud and primitive techno sets.
Léonie also has a taste for politics. In 2013, she shared her Mix Pour Tous online, campaigning for gay marriage in France. In 2017, her Mix d'Entre Deux Tours called for humanism and togetherness.
She released her first EP, Two of Us, in 2014 on the label, Kill the DJ. That same year, she went on a world tour as a drummer for Yuksek while continuing her personal creations. She has a new album in the works that will be available at the end of 2017.

Naima Pierresubtitler (FR)

Born in the south of France, she is more Mediterranean than anything else.
She realised very early that speaking english was the way to meet and exchange with people from all over the world.
That led her to study languages specifically and to live in the UK and in Spain for a few years.
Being a very curious person an a lover of the audiovisual medium, she chose to specialize in translation and subtitling to enjoy learning new things on every topic possible.

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Thomas Parras Mathilde Podowski Marta Panighel Isabelle Pernet Matthew Parker Calypso Petrovic Ottavia Paterno Matteo Plateroti Eliot Plumecocq Yannick Paquay Faustine Peyroux Tamara Piller Thomas Paris Léa Pacini Christelle Pravixay


Garance Roberteditorial assistant

Born on October 4th 1990, Garance has a Master in Social Sciences with a focus on Politics. She aims to dedicate herself to the theme of Human rights, reconciliation and the historical construction of collective memory in contemporary Central America. She currently lives in Paris, and spent 3 years in Nicaragua where she worked as a teacher, for civil society organizations, and began a field study for a future research thesis. She is currently preparing for a teaching diploma before starting her PhD.

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Tabita Rezaire Lucie Rohart Floriane Ricard Alix Rebora Lucie Rivy Clémence Rubin  Anaïs Raymond Zoe Rabayrol Paul Renauld Marie Renaudin Antoine Remise Garance Robert Lucie Rousseau Fabien Rambert Joanne Rueher Antoine Remise Mathilde Robert


Hanaa Safwaatsubtitler (AR)

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Ida Skovmand Melanie de Saqui de Sannes Julianne Skinner Halil Sertbulut Léa Sansonetti Morgane Steinbecher Alexander Stadil Catherine Staebler Violaine Salles Cedric Sanchez Julie Siegler Marie Sauvet Pinar Sarier Lucie Sordillet Gerard Stehelin Benoit Stehelin Marc Souville Gisele Sabbagh Djamel Salmi Delphine Simon Christelle Saez

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Elena Vanneditorial assistant

Born and raised in Houston, Texas to a Venezuelan mother and Cherokee and German father, Elena is no stranger to multiculturalism and the richness it creates. After receiving her B.A. in International Relations and Global Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, she spent time in New York, Berlin, and around the UK before landing in Paris in 2015. She is currently pursuing a Masters at the Urban School of Sciences Po Paris within the program 'Governing the Large Metropolis'. She is passionate about how people create the cities they inhabit, and how practitioners and young people can harness already-existing dynamics to ensure social justice and improve quality of life for all. As a part of her Masters, she is planning on spending four months in Cairo to study and work closely with social enterprise incubators. In her free time, Elena is a tattoo artist that loves to sing and act.

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